Recording your trip

Rather than wait until the trip is over, the washing machine is loaded and the bags are packed away, follow my tips on recording your journey before your experiences become a distant memory.

Keep a journal during your trip, whether it is a specially purchased travel diary, a cheap notepad or notes on your iPad. Also, carry a small notepad and pen in your pocket, handbag or day pack so you can jot down things as they happen – just a couple of words to remind you when you write up your journal.

You can use time which would otherwise be wasted, such as waiting at airports or travelling on buses between sights to update your journal.

Take plenty of pictures and collect keepsakes from your trip to include in your journal. Ticket stubs from museums, menus from restaurants and advertising flyers from the attractions you visit along the way. They will spark your memory when looking back through your travel journal or sharing your stories with friends.

If you are travelling as part of a group, give everyone a job. If one member of your party likes to chat to the locals, make it their mission to obtain one interesting quote or story to add to your journal. Does someone else take the best pictures? Then they’re the official photographer. Another person could be in charge of collecting the mementos.

Remember to include stories and anecdotes. Many people rely on photographs to record their trips and have loads of beautiful shots of tourist attractions and landmarks. And while these are wonderful reminders, photographs generally won’t take you back to the one hour haggling session you had in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the terrifying flight you suffered in Chile. The unusual, amusing or exasperating experiences you had on your trip are the details you will enjoy remembering later on.

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