Keep yourself occupied on a long journey

Hours spent travelling while trapped on a plane, train, boat or bus can drag. Here are some tips to keep you entertained on a long trip.

If you own an iPad, before you leave on your trip, download any movies, television series or ebooks you haven’t had the time to enjoy. There is no better feeling than knowing you have a 10 hour flight ahead of you and the full season of Game of Thrones to watch ‘guilt-free’!

If you know your itinerary will include a lot of ‘down time’ while you are travelling, why not invest in a beautiful notebook or travel diary and write your plans, observations and anecdotes? Unlike a computer file which can become corrupted, you will always be able to refer back to your notebook or diary to remind you of the fabulous times and experiences you had on your trip.

In this technological age, we are always firing off emails and text messages to virtual mailboxes, but who doesn’t like to receive an actual letter or postcard? It certainly makes a welcome change from a window-faced envelope! Pack some stationery or, if you are travelling later in the year, Christmas cards, and write a personalised missive to family and friends.

Before you plug your earphones in, or open the new bestseller you invested in at the airport bookshop, take the time to have a chat to your seat mate. Most travellers are like-minded and this could present a wonderful opportunity to share stories and valuable travel tips.

Of course, you needn’t do any of the above. You’re stuck in a seat on a plane, train or bus for quite awhile. So make yourself as comfortable as you can, slip into your compression stockings and eye mask. You’ve paid for the seat, sink into a zen state of mind and relax. It’s undoubtedly going to be hectic when you reach your destination!

Do you have any suggestions on ways to keep occupied on long journeys?

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