Top tips

Tip: Electronically back up your documents by scanning your passport, travel insurance policy, accommodation and itinerary details, credit and debit card information and save it onto a flash drive to take with you.
Tip: Before you leave on your holiday, email yourself a list of all the street addresses you are planning to visit (accommodation, attractions, etc), and save it on your phone or iPad.
Tip: Make a packing list of everything you need to take on your trip. Lay everything on the bed then check it off your list as you pack it into your bag. Take the packing list in your carry-on luggage so you can use it to as a check to ensure you leave nothing behind in your hotel room. It also serves as an inventory of the contents of your luggage if the airline loses your bag.
Tip: Pack a roll of duct tape which will come in handy if the zip breaks on your luggage or if the hem on your skirt/pants comes down.
Tip: If leaving your car in the long-term car park, make sure you keep a note of your parking spot. Seriously, it’s not much fun marching up and down the rows looking for your car after a long flight – I know, it happened to me at Auckland airport. If you have a smartphone, enter the location into the Notes section or take a photo of the parking section sign. Or just jot the section number on the parking ticket and keep it in your wallet.
Tip: As you can’t bring bottled water from home with you, purchase a bottle once you have passed through security. Air travel tends to dehydrate you, and many in-flight services don’t provide a lot.
Tip: One trick to ensure you are served your meal first in-flight is to order a special meal when you book your flight. By ordering a vegetarian, kosher or gluten-free meal you will ensure that your meal is the first served, before the full cabin service gets underway.
Tip: Memorise your passport number or store it in your smartphone. It will come in handy when checking in at your hotel, renting a car or filling in your customs forms in-flight – especially when your passport is stored in the overhead locker and you are seated by the window.
Tip: Join an airline club lounge – you and catch up on work, relax and enjoy a sleep, or even take a shower. Visit to book a Lounge Pass at over 120 airports worldwide.
Tip: Pack some small gifts to take with you such as lapel pins or fridge magnets. They are a handy token to give to someone who shows you a little kindness or helps you out in some way, or just to hand out to the local children and people will appreciate the friendly gesture.
Do you have any handy travel tips to share?

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