Three best cities to stopover

Many travellers just want to get to their intended destination as quickly as possible, but for an increasing number of us who fly long distances, a stopover on the way makes much more sense. Not only does it mean that those long haul flights are broken down into more manageable timeframes, but many airports are located quite close to the cities or have extremely convenient transport options to the city centres. My top three city stopovers are:

Hong Kong
With a flight time of around nine hours from Australia, Hong Kong is one of the most accessible airports in Asia. It only takes 24 minutes to reach Hong Kong Island by train. You can easily see most of the major sights including Victoria Peak in eight hours, or stay for a day or two to enjoy the beauty and bustle of Kowloon.

Singapore’s Changhai Airport is consistently voted one of the top airports in the world. It offers free two-hour city tours if you have a stopover longer than four hours. But Singapore itself deserves more than a two-hour sightseeing tour with highlights such as the National Orchid Garden, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and the famous Raffles Singapore. With a flight time from Australia of around eight hours, it’s the perfect stopover on your way to Europe, North and South America and beyond.

Although it takes a little longer to reach than its Asian competitors, at around 13 hours, Dubai sees more than 70 million travellers pass through its airport which is located close to the city – roughly three miles away. Dubai has positioned itself as a major player in global tourism and travellers can enjoy shopping in the souks, marvelling at the fantastic architecture or venturing into the desert.

Do you have a preference for a stopover, or do you prefer to go directly to your destination?

Reposted from YOURLifeChoices – 14 November 2014

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