Timing is everything

When seeking to save money on your next holiday or night out on the town, as with most things in life – timing is everything.

Booking flights
According to economist Makoto Watanabe, he suggests that the best time to purchase your flights is eight weeks before departure. Interestingly he also suggests the best time of day to purchase is in the afternoon – his rationale being that business flyers book their tickets at work in the morning on their company account.

As with everything though, we suggest that a little planning and flexibility goes a long way. Signing up for airline email sale alerts and monitoring ticket prices on a few different websites are still useful tools.

Reserving a room
If you are flexible enough to be able to book your accommodation last minute, especially after 6pm, you will receive some fantastic discounts. But if leaving things to the last gasp is not your style you can always join a hotel chain loyalty program such as Accor’s Advantage Plus or Budget Motels Arra Travel Saver Card which offer members special deals. Another alternative is to book your room in advance, choosing the cheapest option and then asking for a room upgrade or if breakfast/dinner can be included.

Eating Out
Food and wine festivals are held regularly all over Australia and present you with the opportunity to sample some of the very best fare available in the area. Many restaurants involved in the festivals offer patrons special deals to dine at enormously reduced rates.

Just by shopping for your normal day to day needs can save you money on dining out. Shop A Dockets are an easy way to receive hugely discounted meals to restaurants in your area.

Purchasing your holiday wardrobe
Again, planning is everything. The best time to purchase clothes for your next holiday is at the end of season sales. So if you need a swimsuit for your next beach holiday, plan to attend the end of summer sales.

Do you have any suggestions on how to save money for your next holiday expenses?

Reposted from YOURLifeChoices – 7 November 2014

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