Off the beaten track in Northern Italy, passing through Boara Pisani

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Nestled on the northern bank of the river Adige, located just 60 kilometres southwest of Venice and 35 kilometres south of Padua is the tiny hamlet of Boara Pisani.

Originally the landing place of the ferry between the banks of the river it was a place of both passage and commerce. Conquered by the Serenissima in the early 1400’s and given in fief to the Pisani family of Venetian nobility in 1469, after whom the town was then named.

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The Pisani family constructed the main feature of the town – the Church of Santa Maria Della Neve (the Church of St Mary of the Snow) in 1536. The church was expanded in 1648, the bapistry and the chapel facades were renovated again in the eighteenth century. Containing some statues from the eighteenth century work of Tarsia Danieletti as well as a valuable wooden Christ dating from the seventeenth century.

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