Four Brothers Rocks

Four Brothers Rocks in the Bunyip State Park.

Views out over the valley from the Four Brothers Rocks.Finding the Four Brothers Rocks in the Bunyip State Park felt like hiking up the tallest mountain range imaginable. And while many may mock as it not quite a 600 metre climb from the lowest point on the track to the Four Brothers Rocks lookout, on a 30 plus degree celsius day with 92 percent humidity, it was one of the hardest walks I have completed for quite sometime. Perhaps my timing could have been a little better too, heading out in the heat of the day just after noon was probably  less than ideal.

Leaving the Mortimer Picnic Ground and heading up the Triangle Track in the Bunyip State Park.

From the Mortimer Picnic Ground carpark we head up the Triangle Track for an easy, but steady incline to the intersection of Windy Point Track to the left and our choice of Silvertop Ridge Track to the right. We pass a small billabong on our left with dragonflies hovering over the surface and unseen, but happily croaking frogs calling out to us. We try to catch a glimpse of them, but they are keeping themselves well hidden.

Silvertop Ridge Track in Bunyip State Park.

Once we reach Link Road we turn left and walk one hundred metres or so down the road to join the Nichols Hut Track. From here it is a steep climb to Burgess Road, and in the heat of the day pretty hard going. It seems to be twenty steps forward and then calling a halt to catch our breath and take a sip of water. With a couple of trees down over the track, the going seems even harder.

Climbing the steepest part of the Nichols Hut Track towards the Four Brothers Rocks.

Once we reach Burgess Road and turn right it is just a 10 minute walk to the Four Brothers. From there we enjoyed the views north across Black Snake Creek valley to Yarra State Forest (and a welcome rest from the heat).

We finally reach the Four Brothers Rocks after three hours of hiking in the heat of the day.

The return trip is obviously much easier, especially as the clouds roll in, the thunder starts booming in the distance and the rain starts to drop.

The last leg on Tree Fern Track.

For all the images from the hike, go to the TravelAlphabet YouTube Channel.


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