Forgotten items to pack

When you are in a last-minute frenzy of packing, it’s easy to forget to pack some essential items. Check these items off your list before you zip up your suitcase.

If you rely on prescription medicines, glasses or contact lenses – pack an ample supply. Less is definitively not more in this case – who wants to put up with health issues unnecessarily or being unable to see the sights you are visiting at their best?

Take a shoes that do double duty. A versatile pair of shoes that will take you seamlessly from walking around the sights to dinner. Something along the lines of a cushioned sandal in the warmer weather or alternatively, a comfortable pair of boots when the temperatures plummet.

It’s also worth packing a pair of runners, not only are they an additional pair of comfortable walking shoes, but also great if you have some down time and can take the opportunity to keep your fitness levels up by pounding the pavement.

Pack a travel pillow in your hand luggage, not only a bonus when sitting in an airplane, bus or train seat, it can also mean the difference between a comfortable or an uncomfortable nights sleep in a strange bed.

Include a canvas grocery bag in your luggage. Many countries are now environmentally conscious and will not supply bags for free. Not only will it come in handy when grocery shopping, it can be used to wrap souvenirs for transporting home.

Update you contact information before you leave on your holiday, whether on your electronics or in your address book. Check you have the correct telephone and email addresses for those that you may have to contact, even if the chances are extremely  remote, while you are away on your holiday. Then make sure you pack your smartphone, iPad or address book in your hand luggage.

A battery operated alarm clock will ensure you’re not slowed down by jetlag. Don’t think that your body clock will automatically adjust to your new destination, an alarm clock will ensure that you don’t miss a breakfast, wake up call or tour.

Lastly, pack a notepad and pen. This is a no-fail solution to keep notes of your holiday experiences without having to rely on batteries. You can jot down your contact details to tear off and give to new friends you meet on your travels, draw maps for taxi drivers if language is a barrier, list notes about new dishes and experiences to add to your travel journal, whether you write it up at the end of each day or at the end of your holiday.

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