Preparing for your flight

Following a few simple rules when preparing for a flight not only alleviates some of the stress, but it can also see you glide through check-in and security.

Do – coordinate your wardrobe with a main colour grouping, for example black and white. All your accessories, shoes and jewellery will match, ensuring you take less in your suitcase.
Don’t – pack a different outfit for each day.

Do – wear comfortable shoes. Slip on shoes are ideal if you need to remove your shoes when going through security checkpoints.
Don’t – wear high heels – they can be a factor in causing deep vein thrombosis

Do – wear loose-fitting natural, breathable fabrics, for example, cotton or linen.
Don’t – wear tight clothing – another risk factor for deep vein thrombosis.

Do – wear layers.
Don’t – wear warm-weather clothing. Your journey can take you through a multitude of temperature variations.

Do – invest in luggage with wheels, and one that you are able to hook other bags on to.
Don’t – take on carry-on luggage that will not fit comfortably under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker.

Do – be aware of the baggage limits on the airline with which you are flying.
Don’t – be tempted to take oversized carry-on luggage as airlines are becoming stricter, so you may be required to check your carry-on, resulting in excess baggage costs.

Do – take your prescription medication and a copy of your prescription in your carry-on luggage.
Don’t – pack pills or ointments that are readily available where you are going.

Do – pack your liquids, aerosols and gels into a clear plastic bag.
Don’t – take liquids, aerosols or gels in containers larger than 100 millilitres in your carry-on.

Do – make use of websites such as to book your seats.
Don’t – turn up late at your gate at the airport, you risk losing your seat.

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