A top spot to dine out on Phillip Island

With fantastic views over Westernport Bay and a fabulous menu, The Foreshore Restaurant should be your number one choice when dining out on Phillip Island.

From the moment you walk in the door, The Foreshore Bar & Restaurant is warm and inviting. The decor is in keeping with its name, with bollards interspersed between the tables and a large boat propeller hanging from the ceiling. A definite modern rustic feel, featuring faux cane chairs and chunky wooden tables, bar and bookcase cubes where spare menus and cutlery are stored.

We choose to sit outside, even though the day is very ordinary and overcast. And we are pleased that we did. The cafe blinds are down, so the area is protected from the cold and it is actually very cosy. Our table gives us an uninterrupted 180º view of the seascape looking out over Westernport Bay towards Churchill Island.

For starters we share half a dozen Tasmanian oysters served in the shell with a warm red coconut curry sauce. With a squeeze of lemon juice, and a sliver of water chestnut the oysters are perfection, the sauce a tangy but not too spicy accompaniment.
The combination of flavours in the calamari salad combining apple, red onion and ginger is superb and the Matso ginger beer suggested by our waitress is the perfect match. My companion’s lamb dish has a surprising mixture of ingredients from a sweet and fruity sauce, creamy feta cheese, tangy sweet potato and the crunch of the pistachio nuts. Such a busy combination but the flavours all work well together and the lamb is so well cooked – moist and flavoursome. The rest of the ingredients don’t take anything away from the flavour of the lamb.
To finish we choose the Foreshore Mess with layers of fresh strawberries, meringues, berry coulis and fresh cream along with the hot spiced apple spring rolls drizzled with a orange palm sugar syrup with thick cream.

After such an enjoyable lunch taking a wander along the foreshore of the pristine village and onwards to explore the mangroves is a marvellous way to finish our visit to Rhyll. To book a table at The Foreshore Restaurant visit http://www.foreshore.com.au or for more information on what to to in Rhyll go to http://www.visitrhyllatphillipisland.com/

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